Carl Gustav Makes A Boom


Firing the Carl Gustav recoilless rifle, an 84mm shoulder-fired reusable anti-tank weapon produced in Sweden. The Carl Gustav – M3 Multi-role Anti-armor Anti-tank Weapon System (MAAWS) can be used to attack larger stationary targets at up to 1000m. The British Special Air Service, United States Special Forces, and United States Army Rangers use the M3 in bunker-busting and anti-vehicle roles.

In 2012 the U.S. Army deployed 58 M3s and 1,500 rounds of ammunition to units in Afghanistan to destroy enemy targets out to 1,000 meters, because Taliban RPG and machine gun teams could attack 900 meters away, while existing U.S. weapons like the M141 Bunker Defeat Munition, M72 LAW, M136 AT-4 and MK153 SMAW had effective ranges of only 500 meters.

Film Credit: SGT Nigel Robinson